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Our feature-packed, reasonably priced hosting service delivers everything you need in a quality hosting solution. connected them to the very best network in the industry, to deliver the complete managed hosting account.

We only use the best quality equipment. All servers have dual processors, dual 100Mbit Ethernet adapters, and a minimum of 1 gigabyte of memory. Every server on our network runs a RAID based disk redundancy solution, should any of the primary disk drives fail, a secondary disk drive can take over the work load with no loss of availability.

You are about to launch a website or already have an Internet presence, we can offer you the right solution to host your site...

Free Domain Transfer

We do not charge for domain transfers when customers are ordering one of our hosting plans. We also do not charge if customers wish to transfer there name away from us in the future.

RAID based hosting space
We provide megabytes of disk space on our Internet servers in which to place your web site files and store your emails. This is usually more than sufficient to store hundreds of web pages with graphical content.

Enough GB's of Bandwidth
Our servers are co-located in state-of-the-art data centers around the world and they are connected to some of these industry leading connectivity providers UUNet, AT&T and Genuity .

Robust Email Features
Forwarding: This means that any email sent to your domain get forwarded to your specified email address. I.E. anyname@yourdomain.com forwarded to don@yahoo.com

POP3 Email boxes: A POP3 mailbox is essentially a password protected area where mail is stored until you are ready to read it using a mail client such at Microsoft Outlook.

Auto Responders: Auto responders reply to incoming email automatically. You can change the text of the reply and trigger address whenever you like. Auto responders are ideal for customer service or informing people when you are away or out of the office.
Web mail : You have access to online webmail from the control panel which allows you to log into your email from any computer connected to the internet. You can read and send emails.
Full FTP Access
Round the clock unlimited access to your account to upload files and make changes to your pages.

Front Page Extensions
FrontPage 2000 extensions are installed on the web servers. This allows you to take advantage of the dynamic features and publication wizard in Microsoft's web page authoring software.

CGI-Bin Access
CGI scripts are programs that run on the server to add interactivity to your site, your account is equipped with its own CGI directory, allowing you to install and develop your own CGI scripts. We support cgi scripts written in Perl and precompiled C.

Web Site Statistics
View graphical usage statistics for your web site, see how many people are visiting your site, where they come from, what search keywords they use to find you and more

Server Side Includes
Server side includes allow the addition of dynamic elements to your HTML pages. Automatically insert dates, file information and other HTML documents.

Form to Mail Script
We provide a simple to use program to send information from your web page forms to your email address.
CPanel Web Hosting
Feature-packed CPanel is the control panel we use with every hosting account. You can perform numerous account functions on your web site in realtime!
Anti-Spam Filter
SPAM mails will be filtered by our SPAM controller to eliminate SPAMs.
PHP / MySQL Web Hosting
Every account comes with unlimited MySQL database and PHP scripting,  the two best open-source web programming and database applications available today!
Backup System
We do regular backup of your important data from the server against drive failure and disasters.

We bring the power of today's information technology to you!

Providing you with a complete end-to-end service, finding the best solution to meet your needs to deploy a secure e-business Web site.


Our Business Approach is unique

We compare various innovative strategies for getting best result out of your website. We evaluate different methods and possibilities to meet your budgets while maintaining the quality,  reliability and professional support on your investment.

All the time BerryHost uses the best of breed technology, quality products and services with its offerings. We always used the latest tools and techniques to meet the standard of constantly changing technology standards.  Our knowledge is an advantage to make your business reach cover the world on the web.

Our strength is quality, cost, professionalism, experience, focused and responsive . We make all our customers happy no matter how big or small they are.  We want to offer our products and services to every business at an affordable price tag.


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